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Professional Embroidery Services

We use an 8-Head state of the art embroidery machine, which guarantees a short turnaround time while maintaining high quality. All of our embroidery jobs are completed in-house, which allows us complete quality control over customers garment and we keep them fully notified throughout the process – no more wondering what’s happening to your order.


We offer digitization (Logo Origination) services to other businesses offering embroidery services and corporate wishing to digitize their logos. Our customers can access their digitized logos online through various platforms such as; Masterbrands Advertising website, Emails E.t.c.

Screen Printing

We use 6-Station screen-printing machine to do up to 6 colours as well as full colour images. We specialize in high-quality discharge, water base and plastisol printing for brands, clothing companies, businesses and more.

Heat Press Printing

This involves taking a high-resolution image and printing onto commercial quality transfer paper. Heat Press Printing is a fast way of branding. We ensure that the quality of the final product surpasses the expectations of the customer. This method can be done on Garments, Mugs, Umbrellas, Lanyards, Plates, Caps E.t.c

Garment Stiching

We use several state of the art multi-task machines to deliver high quality products. We use the best fabric both local and imported. Our tailors are well trained with vast experience to meet customers’ expectations.  All our products go through strict quality control before dispatch.