At MasterBrands Advertising, we’re a small business with big standards. We believe in providing the best for our customers from the first enquiry to the moment an order is delivered. Our entire production process is geared towards efficiency and excellence, using the best machinery, best thread and a state of the art order scheduling system. When a customer orders with us they can feel confident that their order will be completed to the highest standard, will be correct, and will be delivered on time. We’re all about qualit y. The best embroidery requires the best machinery, which is why we use The state of the art Embroidery machines.Many other suppliers have machines from multiple brands, meaning that whilst some orders may be completed on a top of the range machine, others will be relegated to the ‘almost as good’ brand. We believe that all our customers deserve the same standard of work regardless of order size or value and we won’t accept anything less than the best. Our Machines produce the best engineered machines in the world and are the most reliable; their quality cannot be duplicated. We like them because they can stitch up to 12 colours in a design, have an accuracy rate of 0.001mm and run at 1000 stitches a minute. They allow us to produce the high quality work we want to, with every order. Whilst it may be true that any thread could be used for a design, and there are many threads on the market which are ‘good enough’, we believe in using the best. At MasterBrands Advertising we exclusively use QUALITY threads. Our threads are available in hundreds of shades, which allows us t o replicate the colours in a design with precision. We understand that a client has spent time and money creating a logo and those colours have been chosen f or a reason, so we aim to match a shade as closely as possible. Most importantly they retain their strength and lustre, so after months of wear, washes and inevitable spills a logo will be as vivid as the first day it was worn. All of our embroidery is completed in-house, which allows us complete quality control over your garment s and means we can keep you fully notified throughout the process -no more wondering what s happened to your order.

Embroidered logos are generally pret ty hard wearing too, so they’re great for work uniforms and sports kit where the garment might get a lot of   use and wear. We offer a large range of products, so whether you want a polo shirt , t shirt, trousers, hoodie, fleece, jacket -we can help.

On the surface, good embroidery may seem to be all down to top machinery and quality threads –but truthfully it also depends on proper backing. Embroidery backing is a piece of material placed beneath a design when it is embroidered and holds the fabric taut . It support s the embroidery, makes the finished product look better and ensures everyt hing holds up in the wash. It does an important job, so it’s vital to pick t he best. We choose high quality backing because its finishing we can trust. We carefully look at each design we embroider, to ensure that the correct amount of backing is used. For example, a design with a high stitch count may need more backing, however if too much is used the garment may appear stiff and bulky, or be uncomfortable to wear. We select the type and amount of backing most suitable for each design and fabric, rather than adopting a ‘one-size-f its-all’ approach.

We’re confident t hat you’ll love our work, but we understand that committing t o a supplier can be daunting –especially if you’ve had a bad experience in t he past. Hearing stories f rom customers who had made a signif icant investment in embroidered garment s, only to be let down by poor stitching and digitising, inspired us to start our sample service. This optional service allows a customer to see what t heir design will look like before committ ing to a full order. We digitise and embroider t he logo onto a fabric sample, then send it to the cust omer t o approve. Unlike an online approval service this allows a customer to actually see what the finished product will look like, and to feel confident that the stitching is superb, the logo is perf ect and colours are vivid. We’re proud of our work, we’re happy to show it off.